Stucco Renovations

Stucco remediation is a service Iverson Homes provides to homeowners facing stucco moisture intrusion. Stucco is a popular exterior product installed on many homes. When installed improperly it can cause structural damage and mold growth. Stucco failure can occur when the original application was applied incorrectly. Defective or improperly installed doors and windows can also contribute to moisture intrusion. An inspection of the home will be made to determine the appropriate steps necessary to correct the areas of concern.

“Finding out that our home had moisture intrusion problems was not a good day for us. We had seen several homes in our neighborhood undergo remediation – which was seemingly endless and an overwhelming mess. We couldn't imagine going through it, much less living in it as the work was done. Tim, with Iverson Homes, developed a schedule that would allow us to stay in our home and complete the job in a minimal amount of time. Although we started in May – a time when the weather in MN is very unpredictable – the project was completed on time. All the stucco was removed, damage repaired, windows removed & new ones installed, re-wrap, re-face, etc. We were very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Iverson Homes for any project you might undertake.”

- Denny Rozeboom & Ann Yaggie, Minnetrista

Photos coming soon!